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Hexle-Bot V2:



!export [amount] - Exports the given amount of messages into a File.


!ban [@User] [message] - Bans Members (with a reason).

!clear [amount] - Clears the given amount of messages in the chat.

!kick [@User] [message] - Kicks Members (with a reason).

!mute [@User] [message] - Mutes Members (with a reason).

!unban [@User] - Unbans Members.


!jump - [minutes:seconds] - Jump to the given position in the track.

!pause - Pauses the music.

!play [URL/name] - Plays music. The Bot joins the channel.

!repeat - Repeats the current track.

!resume/!continue - Resumes the music.

!shuffle - Shuffles the queue.

!skip - Skips the current track.

!stop/!dc/!disconnect - Stops the music. The Bot leaves the channel.

!volume [~%] - Set the Volume of the music.


!bugreport [text] - Send a Bugreport with the description of the bug.

!help - Shows the helpinterface.

!roles - Shows all roles of the current Server.

!serverinfo - Displays the Serverinfo.

!suggestion [text] - Suggest anything for the Bot.

!userinfo [@User] - Shows the Users profile.



;t_help - Shows the helpinterface.

;t_stats - Shows the stats of the Bot.

;t_report [text] - Report a bug, display mistakes or just suggest something.

;t_unblock [message] - Sends a unblock-request to the Bot-Owners, if your server was blocked but you disagree.

;t_invite - Sends the invite-link.


[message] - Automatically translates the send message into german or english. *

Input-language is auto-detected:

;t_de [message] - Translates into german.

;t_en [message] - Translates into english.

;t_es [message] - Translates into spanish.

;t_fi [message] - Translates into finnish.

;t_fr [message] - Translates into french.

;t_it [message] - Translates into italian.

;t_ja [message] - Translates into japanese.

;t_nl [message] - Translates into dutch.

;t_pt [message] - Translates into portuguese.

;t_uk [message] - Translates into ukranian.

;t_ru [message] - Translates into russian.

;t_tr [message] - Translates into turkish.

;t_hi [message] - Translates into hindi.

;t_zh [message] - Translates into chinese.

* this feature is only on specific servers available

Hexle-Bot V1:

This Discord-Bot is no longer in service.

There's a newer Version:

Hexle-Bot V2